HHLS is now accepting Kindergarten applications for the 2022-2023 school year.


About HHLS

We are a Christian school. We welcome and enroll students from all denominations. For the 2021-2022 school year, we are serving K through 12th grade and infants through PK4 in our Preschool and Early Childhood Center.

For the 2022-2023 school year we will be offering our preschool program (infants through PK4) and a Kindergarten program.

Call today for more information about enrolling your student. We look forward to visiting with you! 

Early Childhood Center

Children engage in hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities in a Christ-centered environment. The goal of the Early Childhood Center is to help each child reach his/her highest potential in five ways: Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Emotional, and Physical. We encourage learning and playing while exploring God’s world!


Our Mission

Providing our students with Christ-centered teaching and excellent academics that prepare them for service to God, community, and family.

Fully Accredited

HHLS is proud of its dual accreditations with the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) and Cognia, (formerly AdvancED). The NLSA encourages and recognizes Lutheran schools that provide quality Christian education and engage in continuous improvement. Cognia recognizes schools across the nation that meet its rigorous standards of quality.

HHLS is fully recognized by the State of Tennessee as a category 2 school.



Fully accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA).

Christian Faculty


We are committed to Christ-centered teaching.

Heavenly Host is a blessed school. They seek to teach our children Biblical truths. The staff sincerely cares about each child. The environment is safe and free from harm. I was amazed how they take one child each day and pray specifically over them. More parents should consider sending their children here. You can’t afford NOT to give them the best!! It’s a priceless investment into their lives.

Maria Wright


My kids love this school and so do I! The teachers go the extra mile to help the kids with school work they didn’t understand. Or, if they have had to be out for sickness they work with the kids to help them get caught up to where they need to be. The teachers organize community events outside the school to give the kids a sense of community belonging. My kids have formed friendships and bonds with students here that will last a life time. As well as with their teachers too. My daughter is in 8th gr and she is reading on a junior level in HS. Students don’t feel pressured during the testing time of the year like public students do. The teachers don’t feel the testing pressure as much either. It is a relaxed environment for learning and a lot of learning takes place. I am extremely happy with HHLS and me and my kids can’t imagine them anywhere else!

Andrea Bingham


This is the second year my son has attended this school. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for this school. I love how close everyone is and how the older students take care of the younger ones. Everyone knows my son and speaks to him in the morning, afternoon and any school event. He has made leaps and bounds since the first day he started. He went in as a very shy little guy and now he is very active in school and loves it! Thank you so much for all you do for our children!

Yolanda Arguelles Neal